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A new online platform that brings together Romania's rising artists

D/Fusion is the latest curated project and collaboration between artistic mother-daughter duo, Maria Rus Bojan and Daria Bojan. Combining years of experience and an exceptional eye for creative perfectionism, D/Fusion is a digital platform that enables art enthusiasts and collectors to browse through carefully selected contemporary artworks by emerging artists.

D/Fusion is an ongoing project dedicated to mapping out young talent from Eastern European countries. In its initial stage, D/Fusion sets its sights along putting great emphasis towards emerging Romanian artists. Historically, Eastern European art – specifically Romanian art – has had little recognition within the international art scene compared to its counterparts from other corners of the world. As a result, art consultants Maria Rus Bojan and Daria Bojan have decided to pay tribute to their native background and its art in the form of this platform, which in turn enables current Romanian artists to sell their work, tell their story and reach collectors from all over the world.


Alin Bozbiciu
Pavel Grosu
Traian Chereches
Mirela Moscu
Robert Fekete
Anca Branzas

Marcel Rusu
Catalin Petrisor
Sergiu Toma
Irina Dumitrascu-Magurean
Simion Cernica
Marius Bodea



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